October 22, 2018

Share His Blessings

johnhain / PixabayDear Sisters and Brothers of the ALVdC Community,

We pray this letter finds you well and filled with many blessing from the Holy Spirit. Atlanta Lutheran Via de Cristo continues to be blessed by our faithful community involvement.

This campaign, Share His Blessings, is critical to the health of our movement. We have had two Coed weekends in 2018, with 9 pilgrims becoming cursiillstas, done initial training for Leadership, Sponsorship and kicked off a new Ambassador Program. We contributed to the Camp of Colors reserve fund, an evaluation, and planning study to determine how to keep the Camp up to code and to address the needs of the movements using the camp. We are excited to invite you to participate in our renewal weekend, Back to the Mountain November 9-11, to be held that the beautiful McKenna-Sandrock center at Lutheranch. Our plans for 2019 include Coed #35, Women’s #62 and Men’s #62, as well as a mid-week Via de Cristo exclusively for Pastors.
We ask your support in three ways:

First and most important: PRAY! Ask God to guide us in ways pleasing to Him. Pray for our current community, that by our apostolic action we can change environments and continue to encourage others to become disciples for Christ. Pray for reunion groups and Ulterya, that as we gather and worship together we will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, and be renewed. Pray that the secretariat will seek and follow God’s will in all that we do. Pray for the teams and pilgrims—pray for someone you might sponsor as a pilgrim!

Next: Consider serving on a team. It takes time away from your daily routine, may involve hard work and lack of sleep, but the fellowship, the peace and serenity of the mountains, the meditations, the worship and music, being covered in prayer . . . it is worth it! If you haven’t experienced it lately, give it a try! We also have upcoming openings on the secretariat.

And, palanca! Palanca is the lever that helps us accomplish our goal – prayer palanca during weekends, oven palanca for weekends or Ultreyas, and green palanca, which will provide for necessary secretariat expenses, as well as help fund events. While team member fees cover much of each weekend, the balance must come from the secretariat budget. We fund scholarships, absorb the fees for Spiritual Directors, and pay for supply Pastors to allow those spiritual directors to attend at no cost to their churches. In 2019, our plans include three pilgrim weekends, upgrade of communications and data equipment and services as well as a Pastor’s mid-week event at Lutheranch with minimal cost to the participating Pastors. In addition, Camp of Colors will begin a schedule of renovation, with our share for the next two years expected to exceed $6500. Our fund-raising goal for 2019 is $12000.

Will you pray about this and consider supporting our ministry? Take a moment and remember you pilgrim weekend: how the Lord touched you then and how He continues to bless you. Whatever you give in prayer, service or palanca will be used to the Glory of God. Thank you!

God loves you and so do we!
Atlanta Lutheran Via de Cristo Secretariat

To Share His Blessings, you can use this link to donate using a credit card or your PayPal account.