October 23, 2018

Letter From Camp of Colors Board to ALVDC

At the most recent CoC meeting – we canceled the secretariat/communities invitation to come Nov 5.  We are not prepared with a professional presentation, and definitive costs/materials….  We hope to schedule in the first quarter 2019.  We have decided a bathroom remodel – the first bunk room on the right, the fire alarm will be 2 of the first items to be done.

Please share with Sec. and community that funding is imperative – donations and possibly fundraisers will be the way we can accomplish this.  The cost associated in the capital study are estimated.

Please share with all the fact that we know there will be additional costs once we get into it all, expecting issues with permits and losing our “grandfathered” status and meeting current codes.

We are looking for a licensed General contractor to hire in the area of CoC, so if ANYBODY has a name to share please let me know.   We are challenged with the dates to get the work done and it appears the November – January is most promising hence the “rush” to try and get it done this year 2018, a total optimistic but unattainable goal.

Knowing the end of the year and the possibility of deducting donations on taxes – hoping the community will be generous and hop on board. Please include this info with communications or even the capital study info.  We have nothing to hide and want the communities to know how much needs to be done and estimated costs.

Based on the communities and the weekends they schedule a rough percentage was thrown out and 6% was the number ADVdC $6500 for the “1st phase” as I’m calling it.  This is not set in stone and of course, more $ would be welcome.

If you have questions please let me know.



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For the Camp of Colors Capital Reserve Study, click here to download the .pdf file.