December 6, 2012

Upcoming Weekends

coming-soon-1604663_640Here is a list of our upcoming weekends. If you live in Georgia (or within a short drive to Atlanta) and are interested in learning more about these retreats, contact us through [email protected] or any of the individuals on our page of contacts.
If you live in another part of the country you can find the Via de Cristo group near you by searching the National VDC Locator.

COED #32-September 7-10, 2017 / Camp of Colors / Rector: Athena Long

The first step to attending a weekend is to complete an application here.

1 thought on “Upcoming Weekends

  • mike please let me know about working / team, sept (as u reqested)
    don’t u want us @ a meeting this coming week.
    it’s been suggested, I might work well as a guard/watchman.

    alan stohl
    #61 st luke

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